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PE/PVC Tapes

Danco® 100 "INSULTAPE" PE Tape

A 100 micron Polyethylene film coated with an aggressive rubber adhesive. Ideal for use in the construction, agricultural, horticultural, entertainment, HEVAC and other industrial markets. Excellent for joining Polyethylene based B&A film, silage films, general paper and plastic film joining and repair applications, steel and plastic rod bundling, binding and a thousand other general purpose applications.

Available colours: Black, White, Green, Clear
Roll Length: 30m, 45m

Danco® 130 "ALL-WEATHER" PE Tape

A clear polyethylene that is UV stabilised and coated with an acrylic adhesive. DANCO 130 offers excellent UV and moisture resistance. Ideal for outdoor applications to repair/reinforce plastic greenhouses, exterior binding and repair and surface protection.

Available colours: Clear, White
Roll Length: 25m, 50m

Danco® 181 PVC Tape

A multi purpose PVC tape. Suitable for joining or repairing plastic sheeting and film, for duct sealing and reinforcing and many other general purpose applications.

Available colours and roll width: Please contact a Sealed Air Sales Consultant
Roll Length: 30 m

Danco® 210 Vine Tying Tape

A non-adhesive copolymer plastic for use in TAPENER tying dispenser/s. DANCO 210 is specifically designed for VINE TYING and supporting climbing plants

Available colours: Black
Roll Size: 11mm X 30m

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Standard widths for most tape products are 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm, 72mm, 96mm and 144mm.

Custom slitting to your required width is available subject to consultation and approval with your local Sealed Air Sales Consultant.


DISCLAIMER: DANCO self-adhesive tapes are successfully used in many fields of application to solve a variety of problems. Each DANCO tape has been developed for a specific application. However, experience shows that, even for the same application, requirements can differ from case to case. Therefore, we recommend that you conduct tests to ensure that the DANCO tape you have in mind is suitable for your particular application. Our technical department and sales consultants will be pleased to assist you. All information, advice and recommendations are given in good faith based on practical experience, but without any guarantee.

Product specifications, brands and availability may vary depending on your geographic location.