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Novacel® Surface Protection Film

Novacel is the international leader in the development and manufacture of temporary surface protection film. Their aim is to increase the value of your product by providing:

  • Surface protection solutions for manufacturers in the uncoated metal, pre-coated metal, plastic and decorative laminate markets
  • A range of films to adhere to smooth or embossed surfaces with matt, satin, medium or high gloss finishes
  • A range of adhesion levels and film thicknesses

All Novacel® products:

  • Stand up to the rigors of manufacturing, processing, shaping, rollforming and embossing
  • Offer complete protection from fabrication processes to handling and transport
  • Remove cleanly without adhesive residue leaving a clean and flawless surface
  • Apply without wrinkling, bubbling or lifting
  • Have excellent resistance to abrasion
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